Are you up to speed on the requirements of the amended B-BBEE scorecard and how this affects your business?


4MOST has summarised what you need to know:

  • The amended scorecard combines sections 18.1 (Employed) and 18.2 (Unemployed) headcount targets for training through learnerships, internships and apprenticeships (weighting applicable: 6, down from 8).
  • Skills development spend, for disabled or differently-abled, remains at 0,3% of the total Leviable amount for a total of 4 points.
  • The Leviable targeted spend has been amended to 3,5% (down from 6%) of the Leviable amount on learning programmes for black persons and a new indicator of 2,5% of the Leviable amount  introduced for black persons registered at higher education institutions.
  • From 30 November 2019, bonus points will only be awarded upon black persons entering long-term contracts of employment with no further training.
  • Informal and workplace training in the scorecard increased to 25% (up from 15%) of total skills development expenditure.

4MOST understands the importance of the B-BBEE scorecard for your businesses’ sustainability and employment equity targets and is committed to ensuring you comply with all the right guidelines and legislation.

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