HR & Industrial Relations


4Most clients can select ad hoc services and a costing will be provided. Should a MONTHLY RETAINER, be preferred, services are agreed and costs negotiated in line with the budget.

Services below reflect, but are not limited to, functions of an HR and IR Department: 

  • Managing recruitment & selection processes, drafting recruitment & selection policies in line with Employment Equity and Skills Development policies;
  • Advert response, screening and interviews of applicants;
  • Ensuring company documentation is completed for appointees and sub-contractors/consultants allowing permanent staff to focus on core functions;
  • Drafting Job Profiles, Key Performance Indicators, Job Grading and salary structures.
  • Managing termination processes for Misconduct, Incapacity and Operational Requirements including legal compliance and relevant documentation;
  • Investigating and managing employment benefits;
  • Performance Management, Appraisals including Poor Performance Management;
  • Day-to-day management of Disciplinary Incidents and Performance related matters;
  • Management and ensuring of a full history around disciplinary issues involving corrective counselling and corrective discipline;
  • Managing disciplinary issues including training of staff on such issues;
  • Managing investigation and initiation process around disciplinary issues that may result in formal discipline (Warnings and Disciplinary Hearings);
  • Management suspension processes;
  • Chairing and initiating disciplinary hearings and managing outcomes;
  • Managing labour disputes;
  • Managing restructure and retrenchment processes in line with legislation;
  • Ensuring all aspects of the employment relationship conforms to Labour Legislation;
  • Management of trade union relations;
  • Payroll outsourcing and preparation to ensure legal compliance;
  • All other services required from an HR Department.